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The mother did not set foot in the gym for 65 pounds

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Kat Maisano’s Instagram feed is all you need – but fitness influencers don’t lose 65 pounds overnight.
“When I grew up, I never really morphed, but I didn’t exercise,” Kat recently told Shape. “I go to the gym a lot, but it’s a waste of time, because I don’t have any direction, so I jump on the treadmill or do the oval, but there’s no real purpose.”

Working as a bartender doesn’t make things easy. “I’m going to have so many late nights that I end up eating a lot of Fried food and chips, which is definitely going to lead to an unhealthy lifestyle,” she said.

It was not until she had a son that Jill began to take exercise seriously. “My body has become so intense,” she said. “I gained 70 pounds and quickly realized that I needed to change my fitness and food style, which is hard to admit, but I don’t feel comfortable anymore.”
Even after this understanding, it took Kate four months to really get ready to take this step. “I’m still trying to figure out how to be a mom,” gett said. “Breastfeeding and sleepless nights make it difficult to set priorities.”

Then, Kat wakes up one day and finds herself scrolling on Instagram, scanning a page that shows the normal image of her mother. “I saw some pictures and thought I looked like some of the women in my previous photos,” says kit. “It made me realize that I could definitely change my body – it just took a lot of time and work.”

So she decided to take a picture of herself. “It helps me identify my intentions and make it feel real,” she said. “I took this picture and now I have to do something about it.”
Still, kit has no money to sign up for a gym membership or fitness class. Kat says, “we’re being called a joke. “I’m still a bartender, and my husband is a part-time worker, and with the baby, we can’t leave home because we don’t have much help.”

Kat saves the exercise video from Instagram and takes a screenshot of the exercise routine from Pinterest to create a plan that works best for her. “I had my husband’s dumbbell from high school, they were completely rusted,” she said. “But when I carve out time for myself every day, I start to crave it, and 30 to 40 minutes is a way for me to release all the stress that comes with my new mom.” (related: benefits of circuit training)

She focuses on circuit training. “It’s very simple, fast and intense,” says Kat. “When my son takes a nap, I focus on as much acceptance as possible.” One hacker helped: “I woke up and put my workout clothes on the first thing, so I was always ready to go.”

Kat slowly but surely sees her body change. “I weigh myself, but until I feel like I’m the place I want to be, I don’t feel myself,” she says. “I took a picture, but I saw my face, my arm, and the rest of my body changed slightly, which made me realize, ‘wow, that makes sense. ‘”
Changing her eating habits also made a big difference. “I was just very motivated and immediately started rejecting Fried and over-processed foods,” says Kat. “I still eat a lot, but mostly the whole food.” (here are eight clean recipes to satisfy any cravings.)

For seven months, Kat lost 65 pounds without going to the gym. She Shared her progress on social media and immediately attracted everyone’s attention. “I’ve destroyed thousands of followers so quickly that they’re interested in knowing what I’ve done to lose weight,” says kit. “I love answering people’s questions and helping them, so I decided to become a certified personal trainer.”

Now, in addition to be CPT, Kat also provide their own custom online training and training guide, and have their own fitness – all of which aims to help young mother and other women to achieve fitness goals.

“It took a long time, but I finally felt confident in my identity,” gitter said. “Before I started to travel, I feel very unhappy with their body, so I must begin in my house near the notes give affirmation, at first, it feels like a fake it, but when I realize that it is not about how my body looks good, but what it can do for me, I’m in a more profound, more meaningful way to fell in love with it. “(related: Katie Wilcox wants you to know that you see more than you see in the mirror)

Kat wants her story to remind her that you don’t need an ideal environment to start fighting for your goals. “You need to realize that you don’t have a certain amount of time and have a space to exercise,” she says. “You need to deal with what you have, then let nature take its course, sometimes it means that when push your children into the pram, your archers can – it doesn’t matter, as long as you can, as long as you can do it, to see the result. “


Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash


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