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Skydive Adventure Travel in Chicago

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If you are thinking of learning to jump, you will take a look at Skydive Adventure Travel Chicago.

Skydive Adventure Travel Adventure travel Chicago is not located in Chicago, but nearby in Ottawa, Illinois. They are a drop zone that specializes in jumping for the first and second time, as well as offering jump classes for experienced Skydive Adventure Travel.

What can you expect from your first jump with Skydive Adventure Travel Chicago? tourism and travel

When you first arrive at the 220-acre facility, be prepare to sign many forms. There are exception documents and permits, and most new Skydive Adventure Travel comment on the fact that these documents say that you cannot sue Skydive Adventure Travel Chicago if you are killed or injured.

But once you’ve signed all the required forms, get ready for instructions!

This skydiving training facility is top-notch and a lot of time has been spend explaining what happens when you jump out of the plane, what to expect, and how to do it. The details even include procedures on how to land, and many people advise that each instruction be cover twice.

Every new diver must dive “tandem” at least twice, which means a Skydive Adventure Travel Chicago professional is attached to you, “in tow.” This avoids fear and error because your skydiving professional is there to guide you on your first two dives.

Many people have commented on how safe they felt with their partner and how the couple made the dive fun and a great experience. Also, tandem instructors really teach the jumper how to jump.

When you’re in free fall.

You can expect hurry!

Be prepare to go from 0 mph to 120 mph in about 2 seconds. The G-forces pushing towards you can even make it difficult to breathe when falling from approx. 13,500 feet. (Remember that pilots need to use oxygen at 10,000 feet!) You pull your lanyard around 6,000 feet, and breathing becomes easier thereafter.

Jumpers can choose to float gently to the ground, or they can even perform a few simple acrobats with their dental instructor.

Some jumpers commented that they felt a bit uncomfortable, and more than a few mentioned that their breakfast “rose” as they fell. You don’t want to eat a big breakfast or lunch shortly before your jump. And you may want to consider taking Dramamine or another motion sickness medication before your jump.

Safety is paramount in Skydive Adventure Travel

Skydiving can be fatal, which is why safety is take very seriously at Skydive Adventure Travel Chicago. The instructors cover every detail with you so you can be sure that you will steer clear of your jump.

Many Skydive Adventure Travel who have skipped Skydive Adventure Travel Chicago have commented on their hosts’ attention to detail. Weather plays a big role in whether a plan skydiving is allowed, and high winds, rain, thunderstorms, and other weather factors can lead to a plan jump.

Skydive Adventure Travel Chicago owns a large area and is planning jumps so you can land on their property. Another advantage of this landing zone is that there are no electrical cables to avoid, which makes the jump much safer.

As an available site, Skydive Adventure Travel Chicago also offers resort grounds complete with a swimming and fishing lake, restaurant, and camping facilities with clean showers and toilets.

What can you expect to wear?

A Skydive Adventure Travel Chicago experience generally costs around $ 209 for a tandem jump. The company also offers internet and birthday offers with a special price also for “Tandem Tuesdays”. Birthday and Tuesday specials save you around $ 20. If you order your second tandem jump within a week of your original tandem, you get the second jump for half price, so if you get bitten by skydiving, you could benefit. of this special.

Reviews of Skydive Adventure Travel

Reviews of Skydive Adventure Travel Chicago have been overwhelmingly positive with many people reporting that they enjoyed the experience immensely. A large number of first-time paratroopers have declared that based on their adventures, they return for another jump.

If you’ve always wanted to learn to jump, consider Skydive Adventure Travel Chicago seriously.



Photo by Kamil Pietrzak on Unsplash

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