Ownership and Funding Information

Ownership of adventuretravels.site:

adventuretravels.site is operated by daily44news.com. We are a company registered in India under the ambit of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs,  Udyog Adahar with Registration No- UDYAM-AP-22-0000454 . For more information on us, please contact us at admin@adventuretravels.site

Funding for adventuretravels.site:
adventuretravels.site (“Site”) It is a self-funded and/or self-sustaining business entity from its inception in june 2022. It can also be described as a bootstrapped company and the Site has not received any financing at any time and has opted to invest the profits accrued to expand its Site business. The Site does not have any affiliation or connections to any governmental or state-sponsored interest.

For more information visit our about us webpage.