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I’ve tried the Mediterranean diet – what’s going on here?

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Saying that my eating habits are bad makes them sound better than they really are. I wish I were kidding. I have never had the best relationship with food. I have mastered every shortcut and quickly repaired it to eliminate hunger and spend as much time as possible in the kitchen. Prepackaged food and snack bars? Yes, I live on those people.
It’s no surprise that I’ve always avoided cooking with all the damage: I’m in my early thirties, but I think I should invest in a rocking chair and start knitting. For my waistline, I not only need to eat more healthy and empty calories (it’s expanding fast) – I need to change my overall attitude toward food.
So I decided to take a Mediterranean diet. Was chosen by us news and world report for 2018 “best overall diet” and “the easiest way to comply with the diet,” this fight starvation diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, lean proteins and low-fat dairy products. Red wine is moderately cool (one cup a day), red meat and sweets (about twice a month). There is no food or food combination that doesn’t care. Eating also promotes the social and attention aspects of eating, such as sitting down to eat (rather than cooing in front of the TV, as I usually do), which is really cool.
While weight loss is not the main goal of the Mediterranean diet, it may reduce weight, says Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, a registered dietitian in New York. RD focuses on fresh foods, and eating whole foods alone can lead to weight loss, because she says you no longer rely on packaged foods that often contain sugar, sodium and unhealthy fats. In addition, consuming a variety of plant proteins and complex whole-grain carbohydrates not only keeps blood sugar stable, but also helps you feel fuller longer, reducing your chances of eating too much. (peace, desire!)
Mediterranean diet way reducing weight also is supported by the science: in 2016, published in the journal “the lancet”, according to a study of accept the participants of the Mediterranean diet weight loss more than a low-fat diet, a research report published in 2015 in the American journal of medicine found that the Mediterranean diet and low in carbohydrates as effective long-term weight loss.
The best thing about this diet can also feel the worst.
There are no strict rules for following the Mediterranean diet. There are only general guidelines – either a blessing or a curse. You can figure out how many calories you should eat to lose weight, how to plan and execute your food and snacks, and how you will stay active. This makes it easier to adapt to your lifestyle, but if, like me, you start from scratch (and your lifestyle is a disaster), it feels overwhelming.

And because diets that don’t fit into the Mediterranean diet can’t be finished, it can be very time-consuming to follow a meal if you’re not careful. In order not to spend the rest of my life browsing the online recipes, I’m trying to consolidate my search by downloading a large group of Mediterranean diet recipes and bookmarker-looking recipes. Two of my favorites: Mediterranean diet beginners and Mediterranean diet day. The latter also lists 50 and 100 calorie snack ideas, which I print (and stick to the fridge) for inspiration.
The learning curve is steep (but worthwhile)
“Due to the Mediterranean diet mainly depends on the ability of fresh food and food preparation, so the kitchen limited skills at the start of diet may have a steep learning curve,” New York, a registered dietitian Deborah culminate – says Cohen, RD I most definitely qualifies as a “limited kitchen skills”, so I chose as few ingredients recipes – apple cinnamon oatmeal, lemon orzo tuna salad, spaghetti and Parmesan garlic sauce and so on. I also chose as many recipes for overlapping ingredients as possible so that food preparation wouldn’t be too much trouble. It reduces my chances of getting rid of my diet and goes back to my quick fix.
I don’t have a lot of different cooking techniques, so I find it challenging because I choose recipes that involve only super basic recipes, such as frying, boiling and baking. (although I did learn how to fish!)
My challenge more cooking time is correct (my stove seems to be slower than diet recommended way of cooking), learn to recognize certain foods, such as whether the pasta “finish”, and how to cooperate with main and side let them at the same time in the process of is harmonious, for example, in the main baking in the oven, make salad or Fried vegetables, rather than trying to maintain multiple food burner.
I bought all the fresh food – nothing prepackaged or frozen, which is far beyond my comfort zone. The preparation continues (I’m the slowest chopper in the world!). But as the diet continues, it becomes easier, because after the original shredding party, you just need to prepare what you’re eating when you’re eating.
This is not to say that all time-saving shortcuts are unhealthy (I tend to lean towards them). “Now, if cooking from scratch seems too intimidating and stressful, you can easily find healthy frozen foods to help you live a mediterranean-style lifestyle,” says Beckerman. “You can even buy frozen quinoa and brown rice to increase your total grain consumption.” The trick is to avoid the use of a coating, added sugar or the frozen food of the sauce, she said. Designed to bake or steam a package, and simply add olive oil and lemon to your dish, the Mediterranean twist.


Photo by Victoria Alexandrova on Unsplash

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