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Doesn’t it work by making it harder to relieve stress? It’s time to relax – but what?

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Doesn’t it work by making it harder to relieve stress? It’s time to relax – but what?

The polar ambassadors and nutritionists who balance fitness and nutrition, trainer and founder brooke Turner Shared her important tips for relieving stress and relieving stress.

“If I only did one thing, I would be less stressed,” we thought. We all seem to have spent so much time “turning on”, trying to manage a large number of to-do items in that fight or flight response, and hoping to have more time in the day.

But, in most cases, the key to relieving stress is not to do more, but to check all of the to-do items on the list and learn to slow down and regain your energy and motivation.

Whether it’s from finances, work, relationships or exercise, increased body stress levels can increase your cortisol or stress hormones. These are harmful to our physical and mental health. However, we often underestimate or ignore the importance of “relaxation” and prioritization.

Finding time to relax can help push the reset button, reduce stress levels, reenergize, motivate and motivate you. Exercise is often an effective way to reduce stress, but if your mind and body are already in a state of overspeed, pushing yourself to the limit with the blood of your mouth will not be successful.

That doesn’t mean you should stop exercising altogether, but just adjust your efforts to your overall stress level.

The key to relieving stress is balance.

Our overall health, sleep quality and well-being are affected by how we move and burn our bodies. I refer to my “balance cycle”, which includes the close relationship between exercise, mood, nutrition and sleep. There are two ways to loop:

Decline in the channel

When you are tired, you will feel lethargic and mental decline. Because you’re tired and you don’t have the energy to exercise, you’re more likely to make bad food choices: think about the afternoon slump, reach sugar or take the caffeine train.

Choosing bad food and lack of physical activity can affect your sleep quality, and the cycle continues.

Upward spiral

Physical activity can improve your sleep quality and mental health. It has been shown that those who are physically active are more likely to make food choices that support their training, health or weight loss goals.

Good nutrition has a positive effect on our mood, and supports improved sleep quality, and the next day we wake up and continue.

How can balance be found to relieve stress?

No matter how hard you look, you won’t find a balance anywhere – but you can create it.

Periodically, take out a piece of paper and evaluate which of the four elements you are evaluating. Where is it?

10 = great. You won’t change a thing.

1 = the lowest score, you need some serious help.

The ratio of one or two elements is usually lower than that of other elements. The lowest scoring element is the element that you need to readjust to help you feel more balanced. In order to find the elements you need to focus on, it is necessary to take time to relax and introspect, reset and evaluate the lack or dominance. Whether it’s time spent with your family, or work with low levels of fatigue and activity, you’re not getting enough sleep.

Whenever you feel that something is lacking or dominant, experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety or fatigue begins to spread – it’s time to relax! If you can do better every day, relax at least once a week for optimal health.

Reduce stress by finding the best way to solve the problem.

I like to relax by mobile and outside. If they combine, it’s a bonus! The most important thing is that you relax in a way that you like.

Here are some of my key stress relief techniques:

Go out and go back to nature: nature and fresh air are instant energy lifters. Whether you live on the coast or near the park, go outside as much as you can. Studies have shown that people who spend time in green areas or outdoors are happier and healthier than those who spend more time indoors.

Connect: make it a family affair, or relax with a friend who is always positive and supportive. Connecting to others is a great way to reset and reconnect.

With nutritious food to provide fuel for your body: a good diet can help improve sleep and energy level, support healthy hormone, improve mood and mental state, is beneficial to your overall health and well-being.

Take action and do it in a way you like.

Practice positive thinking: we think we become reality, and we show what we want by believing in their presence. Try using ‘I’, ‘I can’, ‘I’. Find positive things in every less favorable environment and learn to love yourself.

It depends on how you choose to do it, but make sure you take the time to relax and regularly prioritize your time!


Photo by Olimpo Ávila Salazar on Unsplash

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