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Cycling on Cyprus Adventure Travel

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Cycling on Cyprus Adventure Travel is know for the wild party scene in and around Ayia Napa. But there is so much more to Cycling on Cyprus Adventure Travel. Its including vast wilderness areas that are perfect for exploring on foot or exploring more terrain by bike. So if you’re wondering where to go for your next bike ride. So, why not consider going to the sunny island of Cyprus Adventure Travel? tourism and travel

While some areas of the Cyprus Adventure Travel coastline have been built up and destroy by overdevelopment and mass tourism. There are other stretches that are charming and relatively quiet and un spoil. To avoid traffic and crowds, remove the more urbanized south coast and head north. If you are looking for a smooth road bike, the section between Polis and Pyrgos is a pleasure. Close to Polis, the Akamas Peninsula also offers nice laid back biking.

Challenging routes Cycling on Cyprus Adventure Travel:

But if you want to know why Cycling on Cyprus Adventure Travel is increasingly becoming a cycling mecca. You really need to drive to the country. There are many forest and mountain bike trails that cut through the varied landscape of this compact island. There are challenging routes on bumpy trails with steep climbs, slippery road trips that make you slide through tranquil forests filled with wildlife, and a host of routes that struggle somewhere in between the two.

This can be a small island, but it is also very varied. There are a number of landscapes to explore, from mountains to heaths, forests and scrublands, deep mountainous geology and flatter coastal areas, and the good thing from a rider’s point of view is that you can fast travel over this changing landscape in no time periods of time, perfect if you want to see and do as much as possible on your vacation because it is so compact.

Forest areas for Cycling Adventure Travel:

The Paxos forest areas, the Troodos Mountains, and the Machairas Mountains are full of stunning trails that wind through beautiful views and take you to idyllic little mountain villages, historic churches, and other locations. Whether you are a serious cyclist or a family that takes time for gentle ecological exploration, there is something in this beautiful country for everyone. There may be snow on the high peaks in winter, but there are bike trails that can be enjoy year-round, and unlike most other European destinations, there will be few problems with headwinds.

The Troodos area has many lovely routes, but if you want to be central, Karvounas is a great option. It is a connection in the cycling routes of the area that gives access to paths that lead in all directions.

Ideal conditions and beautiful scenery mean that every cyclist should give Cycling on Cyprus Adventure Travel a chance. Don’t discount it because you’ve heard of the boys’ drinking culture that some people enjoy here. Cyprus Adventure Travel can also be a perfect alternative for travel or adventure travel. So get on your bike and see what Cycling on Cyprus Adventure Travel really has to offer.



Photo by Paul Green on Unsplash

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