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8 ways to lose weight fast

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1.Healthy happy times

“After work, my colleagues and I always pick up dinner – usually Fried, and then we changed some things, rather than go out at night, we started walking and running on the local rail, a year later,” I fell 40 pounds. -Ellen Setzer, Cleveland, Ohio.

2.Opened fire
“I put on my iPod on the jam, it makes me look forward to going to the gym, they provided me with strong power, let I can in the elliptical machine speed – because I want to listen to my whole playlists, my training time longer. Later, I lost 13 pounds and my legs were already ferocious. “-kara Marshall, york, me.

3.Piled on vegetables
“Through the food I like to add vegetables, such as eat arugula and green pepper, not spicy sausage pizza, I become so fast that I have no space to eat French fries or something, such as super dessert, and goodbye four clothes size! “–Janessa Mondestin, New York City, New York.

4.Run your ass.
“When I want to put on my jeans again, I began to run for 20 minutes every day at lunch time, after two months, I lost 20 pounds, energetic, have just finished my first 5 k jeans? They’re too big now! “-lauren Castor, Anniston, AL.

5.Down dog
“Yoga has become the best thing in my relationship with food and body, practice a few times a week, I contact my hunger cues – even more so now I intuitively to eat, while I eat to stop, has been under the size of the jeans, my fat disappeared! “-Jessica Nicklos, Morgantown, WV.
Not very large

“When I went out to eat fast food, I used to have a big meal, and now I just need a piece of food, a small portion of French fries or a box of six chicken nuggets to satisfy my craving. I’ve lost 16 pounds in seven weeks and I’m trying to be thinner than my senior high school student in 10 years later this year. “-Miranda Jarrell, Birmingham, AL.

6.Save your dessert space.
“I like the hospitality for my budget, by eating healthy snacks like carrots and hummus, every night there is a piece of chocolate and a glass of wine, and I also can lose 20 pounds in three months. -elaine Higginbotham, fort worth, TX.

7.Brave a new class.
“Two months ago, I began to Zumba twice a week, and the crazy dance routines let your muscles become very healthy – especially in the legs and abdominal muscle – and give you the heart speeds up aerobic exercise, after 11 pounds, I almost reached the target weight”. – Morgan Stanley, rochester, New York.

8.The knicks eat at night.
“Every time I need to lose baby weight, I stop eating after at half past six in the evening a week, the other two in the evening is scheduled in the evening, at night to eat most of them are junk food, so it took only two months time to let my baby left early. “-Deborah Gilboa, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

9.Spot and walk
“My dog and I go for a walk every day, even if it’s only about 10 minutes, and when the weather is bad, her enthusiasm gives me the motivation to leave, or I won’t be able to tie my shoes. Add up all the walking: I lost over 50 pounds last year. “-Jamie Altholz, Denver, CO.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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